Facts About Candy

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Candy – who doesn’t love it? From a three year old toddler to a 70 year old senior citizen, candies are a universal ‘love affair’. From the small chewable candies to the sticky-licking lollies, the candy bars to the crunchy ones; each one of us have our own favorites to list. But finally, candy is candy – a piece of heaven that can evaporate tears, make friends, mend hearts, and make our life sweeter.

Here are some sweet little bites for your mind to chew.

Fact 1:

Guilty about letting your kids have candy? Don’t worry; according to dentists, it is better to consume a lot of candy at once than to have a little at frequent intervals. Because lots of candies help to increase your salivation and reduce the acidic effect of sugar that hurts your teeth. Moreover, after so much sugar; there is a higher probability you would brush!

Fact 2:

If Snickers is your favorite, here’s some information you could find interesting. It is named after Frank Mars’ favorite steed; and by the way, he is the creator of your favorite bar. But this name was not used in the UK until 1990, till then it was known as the “Marathon” bar.

Fact 3:

If you love Hershey’s products and candies; you should thank the stars or divine intervention; whichever you believe in. Milton S. Hershey was supposed to have taken the tragic Titanic; thankfully for us, his wife fell ill and plans were changed!

Fact 4:

If you think that Americans are finding every excuse to consume candy, think again! On an average, an American consumes around 51 candy bars every year; but this is nothing compared to the 114 that a German eats every year. So for those who worry about the large obese population in the US, you can now be sure that candy is not the culprit! At least not the main culprit!

Fact 5:

Love cotton candy? You would be surprised to know that this was invented by a dentist! Yes, this was a product that was created by an electric candy machine that was invented by William James Morrison and John C. Wharton. While the latter was a candy maker, the former was a dentist who also authored several children’s books and was a qualified lawyer.

Fact 6:

There is no Valentine’s Day without chocolate. But do you know who started this sweet tradition? Well, that credit goes to George and Richard Cadbury. They created the first “box of chocolates” for Valentine’s.

Fact 7:

Who doesn’t love ‘kisses’? I mean the candy version! They were first introduced in 1906, by Hershey’s, and went by the name “Silvertops”. A Pennsylvanian town so fell in love with the chocolate that they decided to rename their town to “Hershey”! Derry Church was the town’s original name!

Fact 8:

Enjoy your peanut butter cups? Here’s some information you would enjoy too. This product, from the house of Reese, was first introduced by H.B. Reese in 1922. He tried to create a candy by coating peanut butter with milk chocolate from Hershey’s, and thus was born the predecessor to your favorite peanut butter cup!

Fact 9:

Did you know that there is something called the 100 Grand candy bars? Yes, it is a candy and no it looks nothing like 100 grand! So, why the strange name? Well, it is in honor of some popular game shows that offered cash prices. However, this candy that was introduced in 1966 is also one of the most controversial ones; thanks to its major role in several pranks that went awry!

Fact 10:

Candies come in all shapes, sizes, textures and tastes; but as an accessory? Yes, even that is available! Known as retro candies, the candy necklace was first introduced in 1958 and still enjoys the patronage of several candy lovers around the world!

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