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Fact 1: The Capital city of California is Sacramento. The cities previously known as capitals of California are: San Jose, Vallejo, and Benicia.

Fact 2: California is observed as the third largest state in United States, and the area of the state is estimated to be 158,706 square miles.

Fact 3: The population of California is estimated as 37,691,912 as per the statistics in the year 2011. California is also known as the Golden State.

Fact 4: The motto of the state California is ‘œEureka.’

Fact 5: The formation of state happened on September  9th, 1850.

Fact 6: The State of California is bordered by  the states of: Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona.

Fact 7: The state bird of California is the Valley Quail, and the state animal of California is the Grizzly bear.

Fact 8: The Golden Poppy is considered the state flower of California.

Fact 9: The state seal of California was adopted by the Constitutional Convention in the year 1849. This seal was designed by Major R .S. Garnett from the United States Army. The state seal is comprised of the Roman goddess of wisdom called Minerva. Minerva will have a Grizzly bear at her feet along with some clusters of grapes which indicate the agricultural abundance and wildlife of the state.

Fact 10: The official state song of California is known as ‘I Love You, California’ created by a merchant in Los Angeles called F. B. Silverwood.

Fact 11: The state soil of California is designated as San Joaquin Soil.

Fact 12: The official colors of the State are blue and gold.

Fact 13: West Coast Swing Dancing is the state dance form of California.

Fact 14: The fish called the Golden Trout is the native fish of California and is found only in this state. The State legislature act in 1947 made this fish the official state fish. The scientific name of the fish is Salmo aguabonita.

Fact 15: The picture of the Grizzly bear with a single star is used as the state flag of California.

Fact 16: San Francisco, San Diego, and San Jose are a few of the largest cities in California.

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