Facts about C.S. Lewis

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1)Birth and Early Childhood

Clive Staples “Jack” Lewis (C.S. Lewis) was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 29th November, 1898. His parents were Albert J. Lewis and Florence Augusta Hamilton Lewis. In 1905, the Lewis family shifted to a new home called Little Lea outside of Belfast. C.S. Lewis’ mother died of cancer on her husband’s birthday, 23rd August, 1908. C.S. Lewis enrolled in Wynyard School, Watford that he called “Oldie’s School” or the “Belsen” then Campbell College, then Malvern, England and later Cherbourg House.

2)Joining the Army

C.S. Lewis took his scholarship examination in December, 1916 at Oxford and was a a student in University College from April to September, 1917. Three years into the World War I outbreak in Britain, he enrolled in the British Army. He was sent to Keble College for training where he shared a room with Edward Courtnay Francis, “Paddy” Moore.  C.S. Lewis for wounded in April, 1918 while fighting in the Battle of Arras. He healed and went back to duty in October. In December, 1919, he got discharged but his former room-mate, Paddy Moore died in battle.

3)First Publication

In 1919, C.S. Lewis published his first article on Reveille’s February issue.  He resumed studies at the University College, Oxford where he studied between 1919 and 1924 and graduated with a First in Honor Moderations in 1920, First in Greats in 1922 and First in English in 1923. In 1920, Mrs. Moore – Paddy Moore’s Mother and her daughter moves to Oxford and Lewis lived with them from 1921 onward. In 1930, they jointly bought “The Kilns”. Lewis retired from military and lived with them in 1932.

4)Literature Awards

“Optimism”, an essay written by C.S. Lewis was awarded the Chancellor’s English Essay Prize. He was later awarded the Gollancz Memorial Prize for Literature that recognized The Allegory of Love.

5)C.S. Lewis Lecturing Career

Between 1924 and 1925, Lewis taught philosophy at the Oxford University College. C.S. Lewis was appointed as a Magdalen College, Oxford Fellow. He tutored Literature and English Literature here for 29 years until 1954 when he left for Magdalene College, Cambridge.

6)Becoming a Christian

In 1929, C.S. Lewis acknowledged God and became a theist. C.S. Lewis became a Christian in 1931 after having a long chat on Christianity with a devout Catholic, J.R.R and Hugo Dyson.

7)C.S. Lewis Publications

C.S. Lewis wrote the 16th Century English Literature that was published as part of the literature series for Oxford History of English. Lewis’ 31 “Screwtape Letters” were published on The Guardian. His book series, Chronicles of Narnia became highly popular and Wardrobe is among Lewis’s most lasting and loved books. Two decades to his death, he published over 8 apologetics books. He became the most esteemed Christian author of the 20th Century.

8)Christian Radio Talks

C.S. Lewis gave numerous Christian radio talks in the U.S and U.K. on topics such as “What Christians Believe”, “Christian Behavior” and “Beyond Personality”. His BBC talks were published under the “Mere Christianity” Title.

9)Honorary Degrees and Fellows

C.S. Lewis was awarded honorary degrees by various universities. He got Doctor of Divinity from the University of St. Andrews, Doctor of Letters from Laval University, Quebec and Doctor of Literature by the University of Manchester. He was an appointed Honorary Fellow of University College, Oxford, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, a Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, and a Fellow of the British Academy.


C.S. Lewis met Joy Davidman Gresham in 1952. She was 15 years younger and terminally ill. He married her in a civil wedding and later through a Church of England rite ceremony on her bedside in 1956 to confer her British citizenship. Joy died in 1960 while C.S. Lewis died on November, 22nd, 1963, a week to his 65th birthday. He died on the same day as President Kennedy.

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