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FACT 1: ‘œBunny’ is the nickname or another name for rabbits. Rabbits are herbivores. Rabbits look similar to rodents, but they differ from rodents in having four incisor teeth in the upper jaw. The teeth of a rabbit keep growing continuously all through its life. Hence, they keep chewing all the time to restrict the teeth from growing very long.

FACT 2: Rabbits belong to the class mammalia. The babies of bunnies are called ‘œkittens.’ Female rabbits are referred to as ‘œdoes,’ while male rabbits are referred to as ‘œbucks.’

FACT 3: Rabbit groups are called warrens. A rabbit group that was born to one mother is called a litter.

FACT 4: The backbone of the rabbit is very delicate and might break if handled wrongly or dropped on its back.

FACT 5: Rabbits in general do not like to be picked up by anyone as they enjoy moving on the ground. Most of the rabbits scratch violently when they are picked up.

FACT 6: The rabbit’s feet are not padded unlike that of a cat and dog. Hence, they need a continuous floor inside the cage and not a wire grate.

FACT 7: Rabbits possess five toenails for the two paws in the front and four toenails for the two feet in the back. Therefore, every rabbit will have 18 toenails.

FACT 8: Rabbits are found to be more active in the early morning and evenings. Rabbits in general are known to be near-sighted. Rabbits do not sweat all over their body except on the pads of their feet.

FACT 9: The longest ears of a rabbit ever recorded measured 31.125 inches. There are about 150 coat colors and different varieties of rabbits.

FACT 10: The domestic population of rabbits is largely seen in North America, and the rabbits are considered as third most popular pet in the United States. Around 180 breeds of rabbits are present all over the world.

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