Facts about Boys

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1.Brain Functionality

Boys’ brains have a larger cortical area that is dedicated to spatial mechanical functions while half of it is devoted to verbal emotive functions. While girls tend to use advanced parts of their brain to perform tasks, boys use their most primitive parts to perform similar tasks.  The spatial mechanical function of a boy’s brain causes him to desire to move objects such as airplanes and balls.

2.Boys find Riskier Activities Exciting

Boys tend to want to take on dangerous, riskier activities that trigger flight or fight responses. Such activities give them a charge, a tingle or excitement that they find irresistible. In essence, boys are systematic in overestimating their abilities while girls often underestimate their abilities in most cases.

3.Boys have Lesser Oxytocin and Serotonin Hormones

The amount of serotonin and oxytocin hormones in boys is lower. This causes them to be more impulsive. It becomes difficult for them to sit still and just talk to someone. The flow of blood to boy’s brain is less and they tend to compartmentalize or structure learning.

4.Boy’s Brains Need rest to Recharge

Unlike girls whose brains recharge without getting into a state of rest, boys need to sleep in order to reorient or recharge their brains. Their concentration span is also less compared to that of girls. If a lot of words are used to explain something, their chances of quitting to listen are higher.  Generally, boys find themselves in trouble for moving around, not listening and sleeping during lessons.

 5.Boy’s prefer Logic and Movement

Boys learn physics and math much better than girls. They opt for video games because of the thrill in their physical destruction and movement. Their brains are best suited to abstractions, symbols and pictures.

 6.Many Boys have Reading Difficulties

Over the past 30 years boys have scored worse in reading tests in each age group, each year compared to girls. Boys make up at least 2/3 of all special education students found in high schools. Generally, more girls enroll in college than boys. The learning difficulties in boys are attributed to their competitive and action oriented learning style and the fact that they develop at a slower rate compared to girls.

 7.High School Drinking among Boys

Both boys and girls start drinking alcohol at about the same age in their adolescence stage.  However, boys tend to drink more heavily and often when they join high school than girls. They also have more problems as a result of the drinking.

8.Generally, Boys are heavier Drinkers of Alcohol

In one sitting, boys generally consume higher quantities of alcohol than girls.  These differences get more conspicuous at upper grade levels. 16% of boys in 8th grade, 34% in 10th grade and 47% in 12th grade admitted that they had taken alcohol within a span of 30 days in 2006.

9.ASD Prevalence in Boys

Though Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can occur in persons of all ethnic, racial or social economic backgrounds is almost 5 times more prevalent in boys than in girls. According to estimates by the Center for Disease Control, about 1 in every 68 children has ASD. The number of persons with ASD is on the rise, this increase is attributed to combination of varying factors such as better diagnosis efforts and a wider definition of the disorder.

10.Androgens Hormone Breaks the Voice in Boys

Androgens hormones are responsible for controlling male characteristics in boys. During puberty, boys transit to become men. These hormones cause the size of boy’s larynx to increase and the folds surrounding it to thicken. Androgens hormones increase the frequency of voice and or lower tones to break the voice in boys.

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