Facts About Blondes

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Blondes refer to people who have light-colored hair.  Many people associate the term blonde to Caucasians especially those that originate from Northern Europe.  The fact of the matter is that some dark-skinned people like those living in the Pacific Islands are also born with blonde or golden hair.  In a world where people have literally different shades of color, the blondes are said to stand out with the following interesting fact:

Fact 1:  Only 2% of the world’s population have natural blonde hair.  Many people may see people with golden hair but some of them may actually have darker hair and just resorted to hair color and bleaching.  Some people are also born blonde but their hair may naturally turn darker as they grow older.

Fact 2:  Ancient civilizations already had a preference for people with blonde hair.  Having golden locks was considered a good thing back in ancient times.  Women in ancient Rome for example were known to die their hair blonde using manure from pigeons.  Mummies found in old China were also found with blonde hair.

Fact 3:  Blondes were deemed as prostitutes in Greece and were considered to have suspicious character in Germany back in the past.  Just because of their light hair color, blondes in the past were already subject to stereotypes and common judgement.

Fact 4: Blonde characters are revered in books, fairy tales, and movies.  Cinderella and Goldilocks for example are considered to have lead roles in their respective stories and all this is because of the perception of blondes as good and beautiful.  Most villainous characters are given dark hair color or dark-colored costumes.

Fact 5: People with blonde hair often have thicker hair. Based on studies, the locks of natural blondes are generally thicker compared to red-heads and dark-colored brunettes.

Fact 6: Blondes, especially females, have been studied to be more prone to acquire AMD or age-related macular degeneration.  This eye condition can lead to blindness and is said to be associated with the lack of melanin in blondes.

Fact 7: Male and female blondes are also more prone to get skin cancer.  Most blondes are Caucasians or light-skinned because of the lack of melanin pigment.  Melanin basically helps protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.  With less melanin, blondes with light skin are more prone to get sunburn which may ultimately lead to skin cancer.

Fact 8:  Blonde beards are also known to grow faster compared to their dark-colored counterparts.  This fact is related to the idea that most blondes have actually thicker hair compared to people with dark hair.

 Fact 9: Blonde hair is coveted by many people around the world. People in the past were already known to prefer light hair over dark ones.  Studies have also shown that the sale of blonde dye outperforms the darker shades in a scale of 5 to 1.

Fact 10: Women with blonde hair are considered to be more feminine compared to those with dark brown or red hair.  Scientifically, blonde women have more estrogen in their system and this particular hormone is what gives women their basic feminine characteristics.

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