Facts about Beagles

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This articles goes out to all the Dog lovers out there. These faithful creatures have a vast range of breeds where they come from. One such breed is the Beagle. Beagles are medium to short sized dogs and belong to the hound family. Beagles generally make excellent pets as they have a gentle nature and are extremely intelligent and do not trouble the owners much in the sense of health problems. But do not just go on the small size and gentle nature. You could be fooled because these dogs have some superior qualities which set them apart from all other dog breeds.

1. Beagles are said to have the most superior sense of smell and due to this, they are said to have been bred even in the Roman times. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that all of the cells in a beagles’ brain are linked to its nose and in fact there exists scientific proof of this as research proves that this certain kind of dog breed takes in all its information from its olfactory senses.

2. A Beagle is said to have around 225 million scent receptors on average. Whoa! At this rate it wouldn’t be a surprise if they would’ve got their little noses in the air all the time.

3. Raising a beagle is quite a challenge as they are noisy creatures and can howl nonstop at times if they catch scent of something which intrigues or excites them. They do not rest until they get to the source. That certainly means a lot of barking.

4.The earlier beagle was so small that it was called the ‘pocket beagle’ ranging from about 8-9 inches in size. What a joy it would have been, to be able to carry your dog in your pocket. Your very own portable bundle of joy.

5. The Modern day larger breed of beagles was developed in England in the 1830’s by breeding the small beagles with larger hounds.

6. The famous cartoon character snoopy was also a beagle.

7. A distinguishing features of purebred beagles is their pure white tipped tail, a talisman which allows hunters to see them while they are on a hunt chasing a scent.

8. A beagle’s intelligence can be judged by the fact that a beagle once picked up a phone and dialed 911 to save her owners life.

9. Beagles have long lives and can survive up to 12-15 years on average.

10. Beagles come in a variety of colors ranging from the common black, brown and white to the red, tan, lemon and blue mottle. The Tri colored beagle is most common which are mostly born black-white but change their coloring after they are a few months old, and in some special cases the black coloring goes away entirely.

11. The word ‘beagle’ has Celtic origins and comes from ‘beag’ meaning small.

12. Beagles have received a lot of royal love as well, Queen Elizabeth I and King James I being the most famous of its Patrons.

13. Another theory about the origin of the word Beagles; since the beagles are quite noisy and known for their barking and braying. It is often speculated that the word beagle takes its origins from the French word ‘bee gueule,” which is loosely translated as ‘loudmouth’. A very valid speculation indeed!

14. Beagles have been reported to be the fourth most popular dog breed in America in 2015 with Golden retrievers topping the list.

15.The ‘I love Beagles’ T-shirts originate from the 70’s singer Barry Manilow’s T-shirt which he wore in the Album cover of his Album’ Tryin to get the feeling’ released in 1975. Accompanying him was his dog ‘Bagel’ belonging to the beagle breed.

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