Facts About Babies

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Babies are often considered angels and the best blessings that parents could ever get in their lives.  Many married couples for example wish to be blessed with babies to form their own families.  Most people are always fond of babies because they are cute and adorable. Beyond their cuteness, the following are 12 interesting facts about babies:

Fact 1:  At birth, all babies will basically have all the neurons they need for their entire life.  Neurons are important for brain development and a newborn will have about 100 billion of them.  This number of neurons is more or less similar to what babies need when they grow older to become adults.

Fact 2: At about 6 months old, babies will achieve clear vision.  This simply means that what babies will have completely developed eyes for a 20/20 vision in 6 months.  Before the babies even walk, they already possess clear eyesight for their activities.

Fact 3:  Babies have way more taste buds than adults do.  Contrary to people’s beliefs that babies have “limited taste” they actually can taste better. This basically explains why some babies are very picky when it comes to food.

Fact 4:  The intestines in babies are half their normal adult size.  This means that at around 11 feet long in infancy, the intestines will grow to 22 feet long by adulthood.

Fact 5:  So-called birthmarks are present in 80% of babies.  These marks are like stains or patches in the skin which make identifying babies easier.   These birthmarks may be found in various parts of the baby’s body.

Fact 6: Babies are born without knee caps. These caps of cartilage found in front of the knees will only start to develop in a few months reaching its peak at 6 months of age.  The knee caps basically provide protection and improved functionality for the knees.

Fact 7:  Babies are typically born with enormous heads.  The baby’s head is about a quarter of the total body size.  This proportion of the head will reduce to 1/8 in adulthood.

Fact 8:  Babies have very strong grasping reflex that they can actually support their bodies hanging with just one grasp of their cute little hands. Reflexes like the baby’s grasp is so strong during their infancy that their fingers will basically squeeze a little too tightly with whatever they can hold on to.

Fact 9:  Baby boys are generally born heavier than girls.  On average, boys weight 7 lbs. and 10 ounces at birth with the girls weighing 8 ounces lower.

Fact 10:  At 3 months, a baby will have lost all of his original hair from birth. In a natural process, baby’s hair will fall off from his/her birth up to about 3 months of age.  New hair will also slowly grow to replace the original baby hair.

 Fact 11:  Babies born under C-section are more prone to have breathing problems compared to babies who came out through normal delivery.

Fact 12:  Birth defects are unfortunately very common in babies as soon as they are born.  In the US for example, 1/3 of all babies born will have some kind of defect.  The defects may be physical, developmental, or neurological and these are due to various causes including sickness and drug use during pregnancy among many others.

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