Facts about Aries!

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You might be surprised by the amount of people who believe in zodiac signs and set great store by it. Each zodiac sign is characterized according to its month of birth and has unique characteristics which are specific for it alone. Aries are born between March 21st and April 19th and Aries is known as the first Sun sign since March brings about the advent of the spring equinox. The Aries is represented by the sign of a Ram which is symbolic for the energy and strength associated with this zodiac sign. The Ruling Planet of Aries is mars and its lucky stone is diamond. Since Aries belong to the element Fire, they are naturally passionate in their doings and sometimes aggressive too. Red Color is Aries’ lucky color and germanium is the flower that you should present an Aries with.

Here some facts which make Aries interesting and set them apart from other zodiac signs:

1.Aries are Doers, and prefer the quickest way there is to getting things done. Hence they are enthusiastic and excited about things they want to do, sometimes a bit over enthusiastic and over excited too.

2.Aries love passionately. They are possessive of the people they care for and may even get aggressive in their love for them.

3.Libra’s are the complete opposite of Aries, the only similarity they might have is getting what they want.

4.Aries are pretty direct about their feelings, if they like you they will say it to your face and if the case is opposite you might also want to get ready for a clear set down.

5.Everybody has one fear or another, for some it may be heights for others failure, some may have commitment issues but for Aries it is the fear of getting trapped.

6.The Definition of friendship is pretty strong for an Aries, they expect a lot and sometimes fulfilling those expectations can be pretty tough. They would be supportive and extremely caring for their friends but once you disappoint them they can distance themselves from you in no time at all, so be careful of the way you treat them

7.Speaking of friends, Aries set great store in being any one’s best friend, Tell them that you’re their best friend and it would be enough to send them over cloud nine. They would lay down the world at their best friend’s feet.

8.If you have somehow done some wrong to an Aries or delivered some kind of insult to them, you are indeed in for big trouble. They take insults pretty hard and may harbor hurt feelings for a long period of time. Years even. They best way to set things straight with an Aries is a forthright and straightforward apology and don’t wait too long to apologize. Make sure you don’t repeat that mistake again and don’t ever break a promise to an Aries, they have no tolerance for people who can’t keep their promises.

9.Aries may have some trouble staying focused on one thing and completing tasks on their time. Some other attraction is always around the corner beckoning the Aries’ wandering soul to give up whatever its doing and indulge in another activity altogether.

10.Aries are moody and are known for their explosive tempers and this is perhaps the biggest problem an Aries is faced with, keeping their anger under control. You should be careful while messing with an Aries, Don’t get them rile up otherwise you might be faced with some pretty serious consequences in the form of an angry Aries. They won’t hesitate to make you the target of their frustration.

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