Facts About Ares

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In Greek mythology, Ares is touted as the god of war.  With his trouble-maker and uncivil reputation, Ares is known to be always at war with different gods, goddesses, and other figures in Greek mythology.  Ares is one of several sons of Zeus, the king of all Gods.  His mother is Hera, who is considered to be the goddess of marriage.  Interestingly, the union between the king of gods and the goddess of marriage resulted in a trouble-maker named Ares. Other facts about Ares include:

Fact 1:  Despite being referred to as the God of War, Ares is actually considered by many as not a strong warrior.  He was even considered useless in terms of his skills.  Wearing an armor and spear in most depictions of his character, Ares may have involved himself in different fights here and there but he was not revered for being a great warrior.

Fact 2:  Ares sits on a throne made of human skin.  In his how kingdom on Mount Olympus, the god of war actually preferred human skin upholstered on his throne.

Fact 3:  Being referred to as the god of war didn’t stop Ares from winning the heart of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love.  Aphrodite is actually married to Hephaistos but had a secret affair with Ares, who is also known to possess beauty as a god.

Fact 4:  Ares is a disloyal warrior.  His troublesome nature makes it easy for Ares to be involved in different fights and wars.  His problem is that his loyalty sways from one group to the other.  In the fight between Greeks and Trojans, he was easily swayed by Aphrodite in siding with the Trojans instead of the Greeks.

Fact 5:  Ares was so in love with Aphrodite.  Aside from siding with the Trojans, Ares also killed Adonis, his so-called competition for Aphrodite’s heart.

Fact 6:  Ares is deeply connected with the war daughters of gods called the Amazons.  His daughter Hippolyta was even named the Amazon queen.  Aside from his daughter, the war-like characteristic of Amazons are said to reflect their connection to Ares.

Fact 7:  Ares is no match for giants.  His stature as the god of war was not evident when he was captured by two Aloadai giants and put in a bronze jar.  Ares had to suffer this predicament for one long year before Hermes’ intervention.

Fact 8:  Ares may be the god of war but he also whines and complains easily, especially when he is hurt.  When he got wounded by a mortal named Diomedes, he run to his father Zeus and complained about his experience.

Fact 9:  Ares’ reputation as a troublemaker and involvement in the Trojan war was also featured in the famous poem called Iliad.  Attributed to Homer, the Iliad tells about the siege of Troy in which Ares was involved.

Fact 10:  Disliked and hated by many gods and humans, Ares is actually revered in the Greek region called Sparta.  This region was known to have a military-inspired culture and it was inclined to like the war-like ways of Ares.

Fact 11:  Ares is considered a hero in the Roman version of gods and goddesses.  Named Mars by the Romans, their version of Ares still symbolizes war but is considered a patron god for their capital city.

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