Facts about a Caricature of a Leader

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Kim Jong IL has become a household name for a variety of reasons, definitely underpinned by his crazy lifestyle and thinking. Ten things that you probably do not know about the North Korean Supreme Leader are:

One ‘“ He was afraid to fly, no surprise; but in lieu of flying he had an armored private train to travel to Russia and China. When the Leader travelled, he did so, with an entourage of females known for providing him pleasure. He often had live lobsters air-dropped to his train to be served for him and his guests.

Two ‘“ IL was noted to have displayed bipolar traits with narcissism throughout his reign. When he was five years old, his younger brother drown in the pool of the family’s mansion. It is speculated that he caused this incident somehow.  He spread the word, as he grew older, that he could control the weather, depending on his mood.

Three- He was known for his aggressive nature in international negotiations, threatening to release his arsenal of weapons on the US and Japan. However, it was speculated that he was the cause of several bombing. What you might not know is that a North Korea agent later confessed that it was IL that gave the order that killed 115 people.

Four- He had seventeen palaces located in the North Korea region and reportedly cared for one particular wife, three mistresses, and his pleasure team.

Five- His mother died while giving birth to him in a simple log cabin high on a mountain; but there was speculation that she actually was shot and left to bleed to death alone.

Six- IL was known for working and/or partying late in the night and into early morning hours. He apparently purchased about $800,000 worth of Cognac Hennessey per year and was cited to have been there biggest customer. He flew in burgundy and red wine from France regularly.

Seven- He was quite the fan of American basketball, and an equally strong negotiator in international relations. Which is why Madeleine Albright presented the supreme leader with a basketball, signed by the one and only Michael Jordan, at a meeting. She undoubtedly hoped to win his favor?

Eight- He was an extreme movie buff, so much so, that he kidnapped a top notch film maker and held him imprisoned while he made seven movies. Il’s taste in cinema ranged from Honk Kong, Godzilla, Rambo, all the way to Friday the 13th. He was apparently particularly fond of the American actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Nine- He regularly embellished facts about his true life such as claiming to be an Internet expert with a golfing outcomes that were unprecedented.

Ten- IL’s personality evaluation apparently shows him to have similar character traits to other dictators, most notable were Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Just a few of the shared traits include, but are not limited to; paranoia of varying levels, antisocial tendencies, narcissism, and lack of remorse.



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