Facebook Facts

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Fact 1 : A jaw-dropping 250 million pictures are added to the Facebook Website every single day. The idea of introducing the said functionality was Sean Parker’s brainchild.

Fact 2 : In the year 2011 alone, the estimated 900 million plus users contributed towards the approximate 100 petabytes of data stored by Facebook. The staggering figure is twice of the word count of all written material composed by mankind.

Fact 3 : There are a mere 20 percent odds that an initiated friend request goes unaccepted. Eighty percent of all friend requests are found to be entertained on Facebook.

Fact 4 : Facebook enjoyed $1 billion in revenue last year. This translates in total returns exceeding $3.7 billion,  an outright grand sum for a company that started only a few years ago.

Fact 5 : Mark Zuckerberg, the youthful Facebook CEO, was compensated $1.5 million in total as his salary in the year 2011.

Fact 6 : After the Facebook IPO this year, Mr. Zuckerberg now earns an emblematic base salary of $1 only.

Fact 7 : The lion’s share of the Facebook IPO, 30 percent to be exact, has gone to the more than 3,200 designers, engineers, and developers at the company who have played a pivotal role in transforming the social network into a giant in its own realm.

Fact 8 : Facebook spent a hefty $51 million purchasing patents last year. This happens to be significantly larger than the $33 million spent in the year 2010.

Fact 9 : Facebook usage is believed to have an impact on interpersonal psychology. A Facebook user who logs onto the site multiple times a day is about 43 percent more inclined to consider most people as being trustworthy.

Fact 10 : Facebook usage has its associated socio-political impact as well. Regular Facebook users are 57 percent more probable to convince others to cast a vote for the political party of their favor.

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