Astonishing Facts About World Hunger

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Have you ever fathomed about the abundant food the world wastes and how it has accelerated world hunger? Statistics has depicted that, all the food specifically consumed for human consumption a third of it is lost and over 30% of it would feed those who go without food (Lean, 2011). There is a bunch of dissatisfaction on the planet because population continues to increase despite the efforts to curb it. In Asia and Africa, there have been alarming rates of starvation that has drawn significant desire for a solution. Lack of food to some people is more of a myth than reality. Did you know that the world has enough food to provide at least two bread per person? Do not be surprised; here are top ten facts that probably will strike your nerves;

 1.There is enough food for the entire seven billion people (Facts about world hunger: Quik-quiz, 1978). Strikingly, is that those who go without food does not have land to grow food or even money to purchase it. This only means there are minorities who own large tracks of land that lie unattended.

2.For many centuries, people have associated world hunger with other reasons. However, poverty is the principal cause of global hunger (Senker, 2007). Statistics has depicted that the primary cause of poverty is an unequal income distribution, lack of education, conflict, lack of resources and hunger itself.

3.Did you know that developing countries contribute to 98% of the world hunger (highbeam)? In average, at least one child out of fifteen in developing countries dies from starvation. Maybe you are not aware but approximately 315000 women perish during childbirth because they have inefficient essential nutrients like iron.

4.The primary reason developing countries suffer from world hunger is the abundant food that is wasted due to inefficient food production systems. If these countries would improve the farming techniques, weak market connections, poor management of resources and unreliable post post-harvest storage, then they could be suppliers of food.

5.No one would believe that right now there is 17% more food available per individual compared to the last three decades (Lean, 2011). The increment is enough to make everyone have 2700 calories per day that is more than the average 2100 required for a healthy living.

 6.Empowering men would never provide the solution to world hunger. Half of the world farmers are women. Women are industrious and workaholic yet they lack land rights, training, and financial credits like their male counterparts. In order to come nearer to world hunger solution, women must be given equal opportunities as men.

 7.Have you wondered why there are stunting heights in African and Asian people? Due to inadequate nutrition, majority of people from these regions experience physical and mental growth from childhood. According to (Check out Hunger, 2012, November 1),  one child in four is student.

 8.You do not have to give billion dollars in order to provide a child with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins in order for him or her to live healthily. It is not even one dollar but $0.25! We can all touch lives in world most stricken areas.

9.Through UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, world hunger can be eliminated through the Zero Hunger Challenge that was launched in 2014. The campaign is specifically established to provide a global support to terminate hunger (wfp).

10.Very traumatizing is that by the year 2050, the unpredictable, erratic weather and climate would approximately push 24 million children into a deadly monster; hunger. Majority of these children will be from sub-Sahara in Africa. You do not have to coil arms and just watch; you can prevent this future threat by actively contributing to areas that are badly affected like Africa and Asia.

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