24 Interesting Facts About Jennifer Lawrence

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How good do you know about your favourite actor Jennifer Lawrence, besides knowing that she is an Oscar winning actress and is acclaimed for her roles in Winter’s Bone, X-Men and The Hunger Games? So here are 24 interesting facts about your 24 years old actress, Jennifer Shrader Lawrence:

  1. As a kid, she was labeled as Most Talkative person in school. Now you know where does all her laughable talks come from.

  2. Lawrence also served as an assistant nurse to help her mother in summer day camp, in between school and acting.

  3. She never went to any acting school. Infact, she always aspired to become a doctor.

  4. Her big acting break was offered to her at the age of 14, while she was on a holiday with her family in New York. A random photographer saw her and the next day, Lawrence was called for a screen text.

  5. Lawrence was always a bright student. She went to Kammerer Middle School, Louisville, also her birth place, and graduated from high school with a 3.9/4.0 average.

  6. She was born to construction company owner Gary Lawrence and children’s camp manager Karen (Koch) Lawrence. She also has two brothers, named Ben and Blaine.

  7. Also, in preschool, she was not permitted to play with the other girls, as she was found to be too rough.

  8. She played a role of a prostitute at the age of 9, ideally her first break. It was for a religious play. However, she never actually participated in her school plays.

  9. She is a hard core philanthropist and also the official ambassador of the Special Olympics, world’s biggest sports intellectual disabilities organization intended for children and adults.

  10. Lawrence is a big fan of Tron actor Jeff Bridges. The list also includes John Stamos, who played the role as Jesse Katsopolis on popular ABC sitcom Full House. She also admires Meryl Streep’s work.

  11. She wishes to direct films in the future. Few of her favourite movies are Midnight in Paris and The Big Lebowski.

  12. She was dating Nicholas Hoult from 2011 to 2014. Then she dated Chris Martin for a while.

  13. She is fond of horse riding. She still mentions her love for a pony named Muffin, who stayed at her parent’s horse farm. Now she has a dog.

  14. She did appear in a MTV show commercial named My Super Sweet Sixteen.

  15. Her nickname as a child was Nitro, kept by her school friends because of her lively nature.

  16. She was athletic in her school years and was interested in softball, basketball and field hockey.

  17. Its been said that she replaced Angelina Jolie in Serena, a drama based on a novel.

  18. She also turned down the offer to play Bella in Twilight, in favor of Kristen Stewart.

  19. For the movie Winter’s Bone, she learned to chop wood, fight and also skinned a squirrel to portray her role.

  20. She also appeared in the 2009 music video by indie band Parachute: The Mess I Made

  21. She was one of the Top Ten Actors to Watch in 2010, as per the Variety magazine choice review.

  22. She was also there on Askmen’s Top 99 Most Desirable women list, held in 2013, where she ranked number 1.

  23. She was also the top grossing action heroine in the 2015-edition of the Guinness World Records. She bagged it for her role of Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games.

  24. Lawrence won her Academy Award for her work in Silver Linings Playbook.

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