16 Facts You Must Know About Gun Control

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Gun control is a controversial issue across the globe that tends to boil over whenever an act of violence involving a gun occurs. For centuries politicians and citizens have debated whether gun control acts should be more rigorous or lenient. Whichever side of the debate you favor, here are some interesting facts about gun control that just might shift your thoughts.

Fact 1: According to statistics from 2012, the approximate number of guns (licit and illicit) held by civilians in the U.S. is between 270,000,000 and 310,000,000.The United States is the world leader in gun possession with 89 guns per 100 residents; Yemen is second with 55%; Switzerland third with 46% and Finland forth with 45 firearms per 100 residents.

Fact 2: There are 110,000,000 rifles, 86,000,000 shotguns and 114,000,000 handguns in civil possession in the U.S..

Fact 3: According to data in 2010 guns were responsible for 31,076 deaths in homicides, suicides and unintentional shootings in the U.S.. This means that during 2010, 85 people died each day due to gunfire!

Fact 4: 18 children and young adults die as a result of gun injuries each day in the U.S.. This category of residents accounts for 38% of all firearm deaths and non-fatal gun injuries.

Fact 5: In the United States over 1.69 million kids, age 18 and under, are living in homes with loaded and unlocked firearms.

Fact 6: Suicide is the third leading cause of death in adolescents in America, firearms account for a total of 65% of these deaths.

Fact 7: It is estimated that every year people in the United States use guns to defend themselves 2,500,000 times! American’s use guns 498,000 times a year to protect their homes and belongings.

Fact 8: After Canada implemented gun control, prohibiting the possession of handguns for protection, in 1977, the rate of „breaking and entering“ rose by 25%.

Fact 9: Formerly a company producing windmills, Daily Outdoor Products switched to selling guns after realizing that firearms are more profitable.

Fact 10: Russian astronauts carried shotguns into space in order to defend themselves from bears in case of a stray landing. The TP-82 shotgun was used until the manufacturing of its ammunition was ceased in 2007. However it recently surfaced that the Russian survival space kit still contains a firearm.

Fact 11: In the U.S. the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, otherwise known as the Pittman-Robertson Act, effective since 1938, ensures that funds from an 11 % federal excise tax on sporting arms and ammunition and funs from a 10 % tax on handguns, aid in the restoration of animal habitats and wildlife conservation.

Fact 12: There are 650 million firearms in civilian possession worldwide, which is approximately 75% of the known total. Twenty-six million guns belong to the law enforcement sector and 200 million to the armed forces.

Fact 13: In Iraq the demand for weapons is so high that the price of a basic wooden Kalashnikov assault rifle has since 2003 risen from 80 – 150 USD to 400 – 800 USD.

Fact 14: Unlike in America, the Australian Constitution does not contain any explicit gun ownership rights. After the massacre in Port Arthur in 1996, killing 35 people and injuring 18, Australia introduced smarter regulations on firearm ownership. These regulations reduced armed homicides, suicides and robberies across the country.

Fact 15: In order to obtain a gun license in Australia, people must show proof of a „genuine reason“ for the possession of a firearm.

Fact 16: Japan is known as the country with no guns, with only 0.6 firearms per 100 residents!

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