13 Most Astonishing Facts About Chocolate Milk

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Be it strawberry milk, coffee milk, vanilla milk or chocolate milk or random milk shake, flavored milk is known for its own unique goodness, mixed with a percent of various nutrients packaged in a bottle, ideal for all age groups and types. But amongst all, if you are looking out for the best alternative for your 9-13 year old athletic kid or above, then nothing can beat the power of chocolate milk.

Therefore, below are 13 most astonishing facts you have ever heard on how chocolate milk can serve as the best nutrient supplement for your 13 year old kid, and others.

1. Chocolate milk is the best tried and tested post-exercise recovery drink as it contains whey protein which helps you get relief from muscle pain, enhances muscle growth and repairs it simultaneously.

2. It’s not only good in taste, but also contains good amount of vitamin D and calcium which is vital for safeguarding both cartilage and joint health.

3. Chocolate milk, just like plain white milk, is also good for bones and teeth development. This makes it an idyllic drink for kids.

4. Interestingly, if given to kids as an alternative to plain milk, kids have shown a sign to consume more of flavored chocolate milk, ending up drinking more milk than regular. This helps them to have a much better healthy diet as well.

5. As per a study, the ratio of carbohydrates to protein found in chocolate milk makes it the best ultimate drink option for both athletes and women.

6. Another study also claimed it to be the best efficient rehydration drink available today. The study was conducted by Loughborough University in the year 2007.

7. Also, a study in Barcelona somewhat hinted that regular consumption of skimmed milk, taken with moderate amount of cocoa rich flavours can actually reduce the chances of inflammation and atherosclerosis.

8.It’s the biggest myth ever that drinking chocolate milk leads you to gain weight as compared to drinking white milk. Infact it’s very good for teenager who focuses both on nutrients intake and weight management.

9.Various studies have also pointed out that chocolate milk helps reduce your chances of having cardiovascular disease.

10.It’s also said that if you consume 3 portions of chocolate milk or any other dairy products each day, then your chances of having blood pressure also goes to zero.

11.The intake of chocolate milk also reduces the chances of having high levels of bad cholesterol in your blood. To a percentage, it also combats the risk of cancer, especially types colorectal and breast cancer, therefore indicating good signs for women.

12.Type 2 Diabetes can be also kept at bay with the regular consumption of chocolate milk. This has been a very common problem, also found in children and adolescents.

13.And lastly, it’s all about milk nutrients which are basically preserved in the chocolate milk as well, with a small quantity of caffeine presence. Milk itself holds three of the four identified nutrients found best for the growth of everyone who is 9 years and older: vitamin D, calcium potassium. The guidelines were published by Dietary Guidelines for Americans in 2010.

Hence, chocolate milk or sweetened cocoa flavored milk is a real good package of taste, health and likeness, with nutrients key for growth and development in kids, women and athletes and to prevent various diseases in adults, giving them a healthy lifestyle. It was created first by Hans Sloane in Jamaica, in the years late 1680s, and was served cold. Now, it has become the chilled favorite of millions around the world.

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