10 Facts about Texting and Driving

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We know for sure that texting and driving are two different things that cannot be done altogether at the same time. Despite this fact, many people are still caught in such situation and for you to know, here are the 10 interesting facts about texting and driving.

Fact 1: Teen drivers are most likely to text while driving. Unfortunately, teens who text while driving spend 10% of their time outside the lane. The most ironic fact is that while 90% teens agree that such act is dangerous, 43% still do it anyway.

Fact 2: Not all drivers who look into their phone while driving are texting. According to reports, 19% of all ages admit that they are simply browsing their Facebook or Instagram or checking out some new apps that are related to driving.

Fact 3: There are 82% of Americans who own a cell phone, 34% of them says they text while they drive while 52% talk on the phone. Unfortunately, there are 13% of teenagers who admit they engaged with their phones at time when they crashed.

Fact 4: Texting is two times more dangerous than drunk driving. While the old record shows that drunk driving is the major cause of road fatalities, the number of deaths as a result of drunk driving has relatively decreased since 1982 to only 52%. Non-alcohol related car accidents have jumped to 78%, majority of which are mainly attributed to texting while driving.

Fact 5: A driver who texts as he drives typically takes 5 seconds of his attention off the street. If the speed is at 55 mph, this is like driving the distance of a football field without looking on the street.

Fact 6: There are 43 states that ban texting while driving including Washington D.C. The penalty for such act is about $20 to $10, 000 depending on where you live.

Fact 7: There are 74% of people who support banning the use of mobile phones while driving. The ironic part is that most people still cannot resist the urge to check their phones while driving. As a result, nearly 330, 000 injuries that occur every year is attributed to texting while driving. Of this, 21% teenagers involved in deadly car accidents were reportedly distracted by their cell phones.

Fact 8: CTI.org reports that there were more than 196 billion text messages sent and received from 2009 to 2011 alone. Surprisingly, 9 out of 10 mobile users say that they expect to receive a reply within five minutes or less while driving. Majority of them are found to reply to text messages while only a few can wait to get to their destination before they send their responses.

Fact 9: General psychology suggests that texting is not just a habit. People who are less social in the outside environment are often the ones who spend the most time in texting than extroverts. Since they are shy on the outside, they tend to show their feelings using various channels such as cell phones, laptops, computers, and many more. The peril is that socialization via mobile phone can be addictive.

Fact 10: According to studies, the only way to cure text addiction is you. While many parents never forget to remind teenagers not to text while driving, the urge to check phones even when on the road is irresistible. Putting cell phones in silent mode does not even help. An article on Forbes also suggest that there should be an application for iPhone or Smartphones in the future that will help parents extend their parental authority in phones. As per article, the app will allow parents to lock their kids’ phone whenever their GPS indicates that they are driving somewhere.

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