10 Facts about Pollution

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Pollution is everywhere. Although this destroyer is one of the less cared concepts on earth, it continues to spread havoc among nature and human beings. Nevertheless, despite the efforts to combat pollutions majority of the people in the world still feel unaffected with such phenomenon. With that, let us take a look at the 10 facts about pollution.

Fact #1: Pollution can kill. It affects 100 million of people, 1 million seabirds, and 100 million mammals worldwide as it takes four different forms: air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, and noise pollution.

Fact #2: Approximately 46% of the lakes in America are infected with pollutants. There are14 billion pounds of garbage damp in the ocean everyday consisting mostly of non-biodegradable plastics and other chemicals. For this reason, some parts of the ocean and lakes are too risky for fishing, swimming, and aquatic life.

Fact #3: Every year round, the waters in the U.S. are dumped with harmful pollutants and industrial waste coming from sewerage. In the Gulf of Mexico alone, 1.5 million metric tons of hazardous nitrogen is dumped coming from the Mississippi River. In India, 80% of their urban wastes are dumped in its own river which also one of the largest rivers in the world called Ganges.

Fact #4: One of the well known air pollutant is carbon dioxide. The world’s largest emitters of carbon dioxide are China, U. S. the European Union, India, the Russian Federation, Japan, and Canada. Among these countries China is the biggest and U.S. is the second largest carbon dioxide emitter releasing 30% of the word’s harmful waste and using 25% of the world’s most valuable natural resources. Carbon dioxide emission basically comes from fossil fuel combustion, cement manufacturing, and gas flaring. However, it is the United Arab Emirates that holds the record as the largest source of solid waste and largest consumer of water.

Fact #5: Noise pollution comes from different sources of sound but the highest origin of such is cars. Unfortunately there are over 500 million cars recorded in the world. The number is expect to double by 2030 and by then there will be more that 1 billion cars.

Fact #6: There are 783 million of people in the world who do not have access to clean water. There are also 2.5 billion who are exposed to contaminated waters and do not have clear access to sufficient sanitation.

Fact #7: Warming of waters are not at all times normal. Artificial warming of waters due to greenhouse effect and other water pollutants is called thermal pollution. The U.S. experiences thermal pollution, 95% of such as attributed to power plants.

Fact #8: People who live near the areas with high volume of pollution have 20% risk of dying from Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Disease (CORD). Kids are 40% at risk of contracting global diseases. In India alone, there are 1000 children who die every year due to diseases caused by water pollution. In china, there 88% of children who live near the e-waste sight suffer from respiratory disease.

Fact #9: In 2011, the Japan tsunami created a 70-mile wide of solid waste consisting of huge debris from fallen houses, plastics, bodies, cars, and other radioactive waste. After the tsunami, Japan dumped 11 million liters of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, which is estimated to reach Hawaii and the U.S. west coast in two years.

Fact #10: Composting and recycling is the best approach to combat pollution. In 2010, it has saved 85 million tons of waste from being dump in different areas around the world. An average U.S household produces 650 lbs. of compostable materials while 60% of organic wastes are recyclable.

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