10 Facts about Chickens

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When we hear the word chicken, all we can imagine are the delish foods made out of them – most especially fried chickens. But don’t you know that there are many things you might have not discovered about chickens yet? Here are the 10 interesting facts about chicken.

1. History says that chickens are the closest living relative of the largest land carnivores in the ancient’s times, known as Tyrannosaurus Rex. They are also known as Gallus gallus domesticus, subspecies of the red jungle fowl which are very common in Asian countries.

2. Their domestication can be traced back to the old Hispanic period for purposes of cockfights. It was only later after that when people learned to cook chickens in a variety of ways.

3. There more than 25 billion of chickens in the whole world, larger than the number of bird species. They can lay dozens of different colored eggs and exist in numerous breeds such as the Dutch bantam, leghorn, and Rhode Island Red.

4.The female chicken is called hen. The male chicken is called rooster, cockerels, or cocks depending on what country you are in. The baby chicken is called chick. Hens basically communicate with their chicks and protect them as much as possible from invaders by hiding them behind their wings. However, roosters can barely recognize their offspring and can pick a fight with their male offspring when they reach middle age.

5. Chickens do communicate. However, while rooster announces to other chickens that they have found some food with a “took, took, took” the hens barely make any sound. Nevertheless, hens teach their b babies to what is good for them to eat by segregating grains.

6. Hens also signal when they are about to lay eggs. Her comb would become larger and would constantly squat as if asking you to pet her. Hens do love being pet on its back.

7. Chickens have the weirdest birth control method. They can mate with different roosters but if they don’t like a particular cock, they can reject the sperm after doing the deed through seminal evacuation. This method among chickens is also known as the pecking order.

8. Chickens have very sensitive health. Especially in poultries, owners would from time to time, inject vitamins to chickens to avoid Avian Influenza. It’s a kind of bird flu that is very contagious and capable of killing 90 to 100 percent of chicken I a flock within 48 hours. However, without suffering from illness a chicken could have reached 2 to 3 years. There are some chickens in other countries that can live around 8 years and beyond.

9.Chickens generally love to play. Given a huge space, they would jump, fly, and bathe in the sand. However, there are 90% of chickens in the United States that are placed in cages for human consumption. Normally, wild chickens in the countryside are also placed on cages and are feed with grains three days before they are slaughtered for human consumption. It is one way of making sure they are eating clean food, thus making them safe for eating.

10.Most fast foods in the city make chickens as their number one cuisine. That is because chickens are very easy to cook. In fact all parts of its body are very useful. Its thighs, also known as “drumstick” is known to be the best part to make fried chickens. Nevertheless, its breast and wings can also be made into crispy chicken fry. The chitterlings, feet, liver, intestines and gizzards can be made into sausages. The feathers are usually dried and processed into feather dusters.

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