10 Fact about Paris France

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When we hear the word Paris, we always think about love. Paris, France is probably the best place on earth to go for a romantic honeymoon, not to mention is soaring Eiffel Tower. However, there are actually more to Paris than what you actually know. Whether you are moving to Paris or already a residence, test yourself how much you really know about this place. Here are the top 10 mind-blowing facts of Paris.

Fact #1: The official name of France is French Republic while Paris is its capital city. Paris is located in the River Seine in Northern France and is very popular of its Eiffel Tower.

Fact #2: The Eiffel Tower in Paris is the tallest and costliest tower in Paris in terms of maintenance. Every seven years, it requires 50 thousand gallons of paints to renew its color. It stands as high as 7, 000 feet. Its size would basically depending on the weather condition. In 1976, the heat wave caused the tower to shift away from the sun in as much as 18 centimeters. Your tour in Paris would not be complete without taking a picture in the Eiffel Tower.

Fact #3: France is the largest country in Europe and the only one with a hexagonal shape. It has an area of approximately 551, 000 square meters. A quarter of it is covered mostly of forested areas.

Fact #4: There are two national flowers of France – Iris and Stylized Lilies. Although it has been a subject of many debates, both belonged to the family of Lilies which are very abundant in France. Lilies was declared to be the national flower of Paris, France in the 19th century. Since then, the Lily symbol has been incorporated into a lot of war banners, family crests, and gladiator uniforms. The symbol was more associated with martial arts but now it has been liberally interpreted to symbolize purity and erotic love.

Fact #5: Talk about fashion, Paris is number one with the world renowned Paris Fashion Week which is held every year. The Fashion Week officially starts from New York, London, and then finally Paris. The event is a lavish display of fashion from the most famous Paris Designers and brands such is Prada, Dior, Hermes, Colette, and many more.

Fact #6: The most famous road bicycle in the world called Tour de France is basically set in the French Landscapes. The race originally started in 1903 to increase paper sales for a French magazine. Now, it has become one of the world’s most anticipated event that is attended thousands of bikers around the globe.

Fact #7: Paris is home to the Louvre Museum where you can find the most famous paint of Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa did not have clear browse and lashes but according to history, it was common for women of the old times to pluck their hair.

Fact #8: Paris is known to be the home of the world’s most popular artist. There is no wonder why the city has been a symbol for love and artistry. Some of the most popular painters and sculptors in Paris France are Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Paul Cezanne, and Auguste Rodin.

Fact #9: The “Ratatouille” movie was basically set in Paris France. It’s a movie about a rat named Ratatouille which turned out to be a very skillful chef. In reality, Ratatouille is a kind of vegetable stew in Paris.

Fact #10: People in Paris are movie goers. In 2011, the number of people going on for movies rose to over 415 million, which is the highest level in 45 years.

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