20 Curious Facts About Richard Nixon

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Insights into “RN’s” Life
There are more to know about Richard Nixon than Watergate!

He was the 37th President of the United States and ran the office from 1969 to 1974. Before the presidential term, Nixon also served as a U.S. Representative and a Senator from California. He played a key role to end the Vietnam War and improved international relations with the Soviet Union and China.

When the nation was going through turbulence both on the home soil and overseas, Nixon’s main motto was “reconciliation”. He was successful in his endeavor on many accounts.

Facts About Nixon:

  1. Richard M. Nixon was born in 1913 in California Nixon. His middle name “M” stands for “Milhous”, which was actually his mother’s maiden name. It was modified from “Milhausen” when his mother’s ancestors moved from Germany to England in 1600s.
  2. In his early life, Nixon faced financial hardship and also mental trauma due to the deaths of his brothers Arthur and Harold. In 1922, when his father’s business Nixons’ Ranch failed, the family moved to California. There, Frank Nixon started a new business by opening a combination grocery store and gas station. The entire family worked there to make a living.
  3. Nixon was a bright student at Whittier College. He also did pretty well during his stint at the Duke University Law School. Nixon also got an opportunity to attend Harvard, but had to decline as he was needed by his family to get over the financial crisis.
  1. In the 1930s, Nixon wanted to become an FBI agent and he had applied to the agency. However, he never heard back from them. Later FBI clarified that Nixon’s application was accepted, but due to budget cuts, they removed the position.
  2. Nixon met his wife Thelma Catherine (Patricia) Ryan during the rehearsal for a community play. He pursued her for over two years, and even drove her to Los Angeles when she dated other men.
  3. In 1940, Nixon and Patricia got married. They had two daughters, Patricia (Tricia) and Julie.
  4. In 1942, Nixon Joined the Navy and served for the country in the South Pacific during the World War II.
  5. In 1946, he was elected to Congress. In 1950, he became a Senator from California.
  6. In 1959, Nixon visited Moscow to inaugurate the U.S. trade fair and took part in the famous “kitchen debate” with Russian President Khrushchev.
  7. In 1960, he ran for the President, but lost to John F. Kennedy by 113,000 votes. It was one of the most keenly contested elections in the U.S.
  8. Before the 1968 Presidential election, Nixon appeared in the comedy show “Laugh In”, which is said to have a positive impact in his campaign.
  9. He was the first president who had visited all the 50 states. No other U.S president did that before Nixon.
  10. Nixon was a big fan of bowling, and he initiated to create a bowling alley in the White House. His high score in bowling was 232.
  11. Nixon was also quite fond of music, and could play musical instruments such as accordion, clarinet, saxophone and violin. In 1963, Nixon appeared on “The Jack Paar Program,” where he played a tune he wrote. It helped restore his image after his political failure during the election in California.
  12. He is said to be responsible for the words s**t and f**k getting published in the the New York Times. It happened so as the newspaper published verbatim transcripts of the Watergate scandal tapes. In those tapes, Nixon was heard uttering these words.
  13. Nixon had several nicknames such as Gloomy Gus, the Mad Monk, the New Nixon, the Iron Butt, and Tricky Dicky.
  14. In 1970, he established the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and also extended the Voting Rights Act.
  15. In 1974, Nixon resigned from the Presidency due to the Watergate scandal, and returned to Orange County, California.
  16. He wrote ten best selling books on domestic and international affairs, and also a memoir.
  17. Richard Nixon passed away in 1994 and was buried alongside his wife, Pat at the Nixon Library. Many renowned personalities including Bill Clinton, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and Henry Ford attended his funeral.

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