Myths About Love

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Love is what ties two individuals, and together they make a beautiful bond. We educate ourselves to get maturity and the wisdom to achieve heights in our future. At times, the relationship does not work because of lack of maturity and understanding. Where there is love, there is joy and sorrow attached with it. Love is when the other person’s feelings and emotions are far more important to you. A few relationships will break because of the myths that people keep in their minds. We choose a mate and build a romantic relationship with that person, but we forget to cooperate in the end. There are so many myths because of the many relationships that break or are on the verge of breaking. A few myths are listed below:

  1. A strong relationship needs no hard work to be maintained.

If you have a very strong bond with your loved one, you do need to work hard for it to maintain that pace back to back. You cannot just rely on the bond you two share and leave the relationship at stake. It does not require labor but understanding of how much you both want the relationship to stay strong and last forever;

  1. Getting married will put things on the right track.

This is merely a fantasy that if you two are committed, then it is for sure that you can sort out things once you get married. But, no … marriage is not the solution; people should know how to maintain each other’s dignity while in a relationship so that no one’s respect is hurt. If you both cannot make it before marriage, then you both will not be able to make it after marriage;

  1. If they love each other, they know each other.

Not necessarily. Being mature, we need to match up our sentiments and requirements to our partners. A person who loves you cannot necessarily interpret your thoughts. We are no longer children who should expect such things from our partners. Once you have fed your feelings and emotions to the mind of your lover, the relationship now depends on him or her as to whether he or she actually listens to you and responds to you;

  1. If you are in love, you do not need to say or feel “sorry.”

You need to apologize whenever you hurt the feelings of your partner. It is not that easy to just let go of things even when either one of the two partners is at fault. There are flaws in every individual, but you can overcome those flaws by feeling and uttering the small word “sorry.” Every quarrel needs a repair, so reconcile with your partner no matter how big or how small the fight is; and

  1. Being jealous is being caring and loving toward your partner.

If you are mentally secure about your relationship, you do not need to be jealous of anyone else in the whole world. Trust builds with passing years and not just in one day. You cannot build a secure mentality in your partner by mere words. You need to do your part of loving and caring for your partner with utmost dedication. Never try to make your partner jealous, because it can also backfire on you.

You need to value the sacrifices and compromises your partner has made for you so far. You cannot just run away from a relationship because you are not capable of finding the actual facts but believe in the myth. A relationship succeeds when there is better management of emotions practically and emotionally, too. You need to unfold the myths lurking in your own mind; myths are created only in one’s mind, but facts are true and do not need to be proven.


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