The Most Expensive Magic Card

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Nowadays, various types of games are played with cards. Magic: The Gathering was the first card trading game. Different types of cards are used to play this game and collectors are always on the lookout for the most expensive Magic Card, which is The Black Lotus.

Fact 1 What Is A Magic Card

The card used in the trading game known as Magic is called a magic card. Different types of cards together form a set for each game. Among them, Magic: The Gathering is a trading game where players use cards to play. The Black Lotus is the most expensive and the rarest magic card in the world of card games.

Fact 2 About The Magic Card: The Black Lotus

The game cards used in the trading game, Magic: The Gathering, Wizards of the Coast first published them in 1993. Richard Garfield created the cards. The game is very popular till now and estimates show that 20 million people still play the game in 2015. The set was in Alpha and about 1100 cards were printed initially. The later editions were in Beta (1994). The value of these cards depends on its rarity and the year of printing. The Black Lotus belongs to the first set, Alpha, is therefore so very expensive, and sought after by collectors of invaluable cards.

Fact 3 How To Play With The Magic Card

In this Magic card game, you take the role of a planes walker. He is a powerful magician or a wizard who combats other wizards to gain supremacy over the others. The set of cards that you own portrays your strength and all the arms that you have to fight your enemies. The main aim of these game cards is to gain energy and strength to combat foes. The cards teach the players how to play the game and defeat their enemies. They also show the players how to cast spell on others and bring them under control and order the various creatures to fight for them. This game especially is a combination of collectible cards and strategy game.

Fact 4 Rarity Of The Black Lotus Card

In the game, Magic: The Gathering, the Power Nine is a set that has nine cards. These cards were printed at the initial stages of the game. The set comprised of nine cards namely the Black Lotus, Ancestral Call, Mox Pearl, Time Walk, and others. Among them, the Black Lotus is the most expensive magic card and is not available easily. The rarity of the card and being printed in the Alpha and then in later years in Beta makes it so dear. It also proves that it was printed in late 1993 and early part of 1994. The Black Lotus is a special card and a player can use it at zero cost. If it is discarded from the game, it earns “three mana” and therefore the players gain a better position in the first round of the Magic game. The uniqueness of this card set is that they had black borders and the Black Lotus is the non-promotional Magic card that was ever printed especially the Alpha and Beta versions. Only 1100 Alpha cards were printed and so it is the costliest magic card in the world. In 2013, the Black Lotus, a Gem Mint Alpha card was sold in an auction for more than $27,000. Moreover, this particular Magic Card received the PSA gradation status. The Gem Mint version depicts the signature of the artist Christopher Rush. The most expensive Magic card is now a possession of Daniel Chang, who is the well-known authority of MtG.


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